My journey begins-

At first, Hello guys.


Zuria here.

Basically, I am here because of my not-so-good introverted nature.

I really want to let myself out, but I fail to let words flow out of my mouth. I am good at writing, not to flatter myself, but my father says so.

Anyways, you can probably judge my writing Le Futur Porche.

Before starting to write blogs, I’ll introduce myself to you.

I was named Zuria Suzzanne by my father eighteen years ago.

Right now, I am struggling to get myself into a good University in England. (Any suggestions?)

If you are thinking I am from England, then you are wrong. I am from France. And I don’t speak French. I only know two languages and one of them is English.

Frankly speaking, I am not perfect even at one language.

I drink lots and lots of black coffee. I am a nerd with spectacles. But, hey, I am attractive. I take a lot of pictures and have an unhealthy obsession with books and Eiffel tower. (I have never seen it with my own eyes though)

And I call myself a French. (Sigh)

I really haven’t decided what to write about. But I probably won’t annoy you with my writing.

And also, I was wondering if anyone would help me at my communication. I am really bad at speaking.

I am a writer on Wattpad. I also read books on that app. I can suggest you a thousand books if you ask me.

If you think that you are bored reading this. Then thankfully for you, I am going to conclude.

À tout à l’heure.